Kamis, 07 Juli 2016


i've taken some time off since last year with a failed attempt to come back to the blogosphere a few months back.  i've had just a really hard time with my depression and trying to get used to new medications, changing medications, and finding new ones that work.  some things have changed: i am on medical leave from work and i now see a psychiatrist.  my primary care doc suggested that i may also suffer from fibromayalgia, which would explain my complete and utter exhaustion all the time, as well as my aches and pains that prevent me from moving every morning when i wake up.  headache-wise, i'm down to about 1-2 migraines a week with a headache everyday to some degree.  i'm told these are most likely rebound headaches from the medications i'm on.  it's such a vicious cycle i wish it would just stop already. 

anyways.. i'll provide a more in depth update soon enough.  i just wanted to drop by and let you all know that i'm going to try my BEST to start AND finish a photo blog contest for the month of june, which is migraine & headache awareness month! i like to take pictures and do so daily and this blog contest is a photograph one.  perfect match.  see you in a couple days...

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